Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton Foundation Subpoenaed Over Huma Abedin’s Work Relationship

Isn’t it amazing that everywhere she goes, Hillary leaves a trail of sleaze in her wake? Is there anything she does that is not left with some kind of shadow over it, some unanswered question, something that may or may not be legal, but is always damn close to the line?

So perhaps it is no surprise that the net closed just a little bit more, as we learned late last week that State Department investigators subpoenaed the Clinton Foundation looking for documents involving Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin.

The department’s inspector general asked for records about the six months in 2012. It was during that period that Abedin worked simultaneously for a) The Clinton Foundation, b) The State Department, c) As a member of Clinton’s personal office outside of State and d) a private consulting firm with ties to the Clintons.

The overlap among the job was considerable, and made possible in part by an unusual approval by the State Department that Abedin’s work did not represent any conflict of interest. Funny thing — that approval was generated directly by Hillary’s own office at State.

According to the Washington Post, the subpoenas focus on Clinton Foundation projects that possibly required approval from the feds when Clinton was secretary of state.

And while the investigators are supposedly not eyeing Clinton herself, any probe into one of her closest ­advisers could be another blow to her presidential campaign.

BONUS: The State Department’s inspector general investigated Abedin in 2015 and found that she was overpaid about $10,000 because of sick-leave and vacation-policy violations. Abedin is disputing the ruling.