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What is ‘Unmarked’ Classified?

Hillary is building her defense over the classified material she maintained on her private email server increasingly on the idea that none of what she sent and received was marked classified. She is falsely stating that since none of the emails had the words TOP SECRET on them, she did not violate any national security laws.

That is, to be blunt, absolute bullsh*t.

To begin, Standard Form 312, the document all who receive a security clearance must sign, unambiguously states its rules apply to all classified material, marked or unmarked. The actual document is at the link, so read it for yourself in the first section.

How or why could information be classified without being marked? Here are a few examples.

1) Some things are just inherently secret/sensitive/classified; you find an unmarked piece of paper labeled “All NSA passwords.” As a senior government official, never find simple common sense, that is classified stuff.

2) Something in the public domain — the NYT says the U.S. does XYZ in Syria — and you acknowledge or confirm it. The info may/may not be classified but the official confirmation in writing by a USG official is.

3) You stupidly try to talk around something like a bad Mafia movie: “You know that thing in Syria, the one my boss talked about, it is going to take place the day before we travel to Paris.”


I have a marked, TOP SECRET classified document printed out, in my hand. I want to send it to you via an unclass system. I know if I write TOP SECRET on the email and then include the information I am very obviously breaking the law.

So I don’t type TOP SECRET, but I do retype all or part of the classified document. It is “unmarked” per se when it reaches you, but it is always the information that matters, not the marking. And if the secretary of state, with all her years of government experience, doesn’t recognize sensitive information for what it is, well, that points to another problem…