Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Elizabeth Warren Sinks Clinton’s Hopes for Endorsement

The woman who should be America’s first female president has basically said she won’t endorse Hillary. That leaves the door open to her becoming Bernie’s VP pick.

In a speech before the Senate on the sixth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that blew away our democracy by allowing unlimited SuperPac money to dominate elections, Elizabeth Warren made clear — for those with ears to hear — that she will not endorse Hillary Clinton.

The first ten minutes of Warren’s speech addressed corruption in campaign finance, and the impact of Citizens United. She lists seven steps we could take right now, including six actions — bills before Congress, executive action, and powers already within the purview of the FEC and the SEC; and the seventh, a Constitutional Amendment to restore federal and state authority to regulate campaign contributions.

Here is the eloquent put down of Hillary we all waited for someone to say:

A new presidential election is upon us. The first votes will be cast in Iowa in just eleven days. Anyone who shrugs and claims that change is just too hard has crawled into bed with the billionaires who want to run this country like some private club.

As Liam Miller put it in the Huffington Post, it would be hard to overstate the controlled vehemence and contempt with which Warren delivered that last statement, just as there is no question who that “anyone” refers to. Clinton, unable to win over Progressives (both MoveOn.org and Democracy for America have endorsed Sanders), has attempted to reel in moderates by casting herself as the more pragmatic choice, and has painted Sanders with the broad brush of unrealistic idealism. Warren’s message, so aligned with Sanders’s as it has always been, is covered by those same strokes.

Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure: Warren won’t be endorsing Clinton.