Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Foreign Policy Experts Who Signed Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Tied to War Business

Get used to it. A Hillary administration will be one where truth is a variable to be misused, and the circle between politics and big business will remain unbroken.

For example, Clinton’s campaign released a letter this week in which 10 foreign policy experts criticized Bernie Sanders’ call for closer engagement with Iran and said Sanders had “not thought through these crucial national security issues that can have profound consequences for our security.”

The letter was of course widely covered by the media. What the media never bothered to say, however, was that most of the former State Department officials and ambassadors who signed the letter, and who are now backing Clinton, are part of lucrative military contracting world. Their companies do not benefit from closer engagement and diplomacy with places like Iran. They only make money off war and fear, particularly in the Middle East, and Hillary promises much more of that than Bernie.

Research by The Intercept reveals just some of the letter signatories’ current employment positions that were not disclosed in the reporting of the letter:

— Former Assistant Defense Secretary Derek Chollet, former Pentagon and CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash, and former Deputy National Security Adviser Julianne Smith are now employed by the consulting firm Beacon Global Strategies. The firm makes money by providing advice to a clientele that is primarily military contractors. Beacon Global Strategies, however, has refused to disclose the identity of its clients.

— Former Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns is a senior counselor at the Cohen Group, a consulting firm founded by former Defense Secretary William Cohen. The firm “assists aerospace and defense firms on policy, business development, and transactions,” including deals in the U.S., Turkey, Israel, and the Middle East.

— Former Undersecretary of Defense Jim Miller is an advisory board member to Endgame Systems, a start-up that has been called the “Blackwater of Hacking.” Miller is also on the board of BEI Precision Systems & Space, a military contractor.

Know her by the company she keeps.