Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

How Much Classified is Enough to Matter?

Last night’s dump of emails from Hillary’s private server included 275 items that were withheld in full or in part because they included material deemed classified by reviewers preparing the documents for public release. The State Department indicated that most were classified at the “confidential” level, but two were classified as “secret,” the same classification levels Chelsea Manning is in jail for releasing.

In all, 1,274 of Clinton’s emails have now been deemed too secret for public release.

The mounting number (there are 5,400 Clinton emails still to be released) of documents with classified material has been little more than a sideshow for the media, and ignored nearly in total by the Clinton presidential campaign. Clinton continues to out-and-out lie about how classification works, stating that since none were “marked” classified at the time they were sent, she committed no violation of national security law.

She also continues to characterize the material has having been “upgraded” to a classified level through the review process. It remains hard to explain how something that supposedly was not classified as long as eight years ago, when the information was “hot,” is suddenly now deemed years later to in fact risk the safety and security of the United States (basically the reason why something should be classified.)

Perhaps someone should ask the State Department that question.

We should also remember that Hillary did not turn over to anyone 31,000 emails deemed by her lawyers, no doubt a highly fair and objective bunch, to have been just personal stuff.

At what point will the media, and the public, wake up and start asking some real questions of Hillary? Are we really going to have to wait for Trump to get around to it?