Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Poll: Trump Closing in on Hillary

Donald Trump has reached a new high in support for the Republican presidential nomination in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll (FYI: the poll was taken before this week’s debate on Wednesday night), drawing on GOP support for his proposed ban on Muslims along with his powerful outsider credentials.

Trump’s continued rise is also part-and-parcel with Ben Carson’s quick fade into quiet oblivion, and Jeb! nearly sinking beneath the waves. While Ted Cruz has advanced to join the double-digit club, Trump still remains unrivaled for the lead at 38%.

But what about Nominee Trump? If he was the official Republican nominee, how would he fair in the general election against Hillary?

Not so bad. With the obvious proviso that there are still 11 some months to the election, Trump only slightly trails Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup, by six percentage points among registered voters.

While both likely-nominees have their strong base of support, the negatives are also significant. Some 69 percent of Americans express anxiety at the thought of Trump as president, with half saying it makes them “very” anxious. Clinton pulls a hefty anxiety number of 51 percent. Both also show poor numbers regarding trust worthiness, Clinton especially.

Critically, Republicans by 58-37 percent say they’re looking for someone from outside the existing political establishment rather than someone with political experience, a clear reference to Clinton’s lifetime stay in Washington. It’s the central feature of the Trump phenomenon.

That all said, there are so many game changers out there — a Clinton indictment over her email, a terror attack that helps Trump, no terror attacks, which favor Hillary’s “moderate stance,” a strong Vice President pick by either candidate… it’ll be a long, ugly road to November 2016, but an interesting one.