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Polls: Clinton Moving Ahead After Repubs Flub Benghazi Hearing

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows a sizable swing in the direction of Americans concluding that the Clinton email story is not important to their vote for president, and a smaller swing in the direction of Americans saying the GOP Benghazi probe is unfair and partisan.

The poll — which was taken from October 25-29, entirely after her testimony — finds that 48 percent of Americans now say Clinton’s use of a private email server is not important to their presidential vote, versus 42 percent who say the opposite. That’s a net nine point swing from earlier this month.

The poll also finds that Americans say by 40-27 that the probe into the Benghazi attacks is “unfair and too partisan,” rather than “fair and impartial.” Last month the gap was smaller, at 36-29. The Wall Street Journal’s write-up of the poll concludes that Clinton’s explanations “may be winning over voters.”

The poll did show that Republican voters still think Hillary is a lying witch from hell, and that their opinions of her are as low or lower post-Benghazi hearings than before. But that does not matter. Those Republican voters were never going to support Clinton, and the idea that they are now even less enamoured with her is politically meaningless.

The key failure of the Benghazi hearings was to not create simple, clear memes for Democratic and undecided voters.

Hillary did, repeating that she did nothing wrong with Benghazi and everything she did with her emails was “allowed.” She played to the crowd already believing government classification is a joke, and that her use of classified information was just a disagreement between State and the CIA. Her defense could be summarized in a few sentences; they’re called sound bites, Trey.

On the Republican side, they really could come up with little more than “No, it’s not!” They needed to boil down the issues to simple statements: Clinton failed to lead when called to do so with Benghazi and she’ll do the same as president. Clinton showed with her email her willingness to manipulate rules to her own advantage and thus cannot be trusted. They instead tried to prosecute her for not telling the truth, and if a Clinton is good at anything, it is weaseling out of that.