Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Will Be President — You Can Bet on It

So, Republicans, how’d that Benghazi thing work out last week?

By focusing on non-issues like who is Sidney Blumenthal, and failing to dig into substantive ones like Hillary’s strong advocacy for the pointless war in Libya, and blowing the chance to explain to the American people in a counter-narrative what really was wrong with her use of a private email, the results are this:

Before the hearings, bookmakers in London were giving Hillary a 44% chance of becoming president. Following Hillary’s grill-a-thon on live TV, they’re putting her chance at 50%.

Another result of the Benghazi hearings was a boost to Hillary’s fundraising campaign. She hardly needed the help. Hillary’s campaign is sitting on $33 million in cash. Super PACs supporting her had raised another $21 million. There is more to come.

By flubbing the hearings so completely, the Republicans have also assured themselves they can’t seriously bring up Benghazi or Libya ever again.

And no one will ever know the full story, but Hillary’s successful performance at the hearings may also have helped influence Biden to stay out of the race. Had she stumbled badly, he may have seen a chance for himself.

Of course it also helps that the Republicans are racing each other for the bottom, trying to out crazy each other.

President Hillary Rodham Clinton? You can bet on it.