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No One Can Verify Clinton Email Claim Made at Benghazi Hearing

She just made it up, and apparently that’s OK these days.

The State Department said Friday it can’t confirm one of the assertions Hillary Clinton made at Thursday’s House Benghazi Committee hearing from her tenure as Secretary of State.

In her testimony, Clinton asserted 90% to 95% of her work emails were automatically preserved in the State Department’s system. During her testimony, the former secretary sourced that statistic to the State Department, and stuck by it upon questioning from the panel’s Republican chairman, Trey Gowdy.

Clinton said the figures came from State: “We learned that from the State Department and their analysis of the emails that were already on the system. We were trying to help them close some gaps that they had.”

But State Department spokesman Mark Toner on Friday said the figure is something her campaign is using and referred questions to them for “the rationale or the background behind it.”

“I’m not aware that we have given that figure,” he said at a press briefing. “I’m not in a position right now to confirm that.”

The spokesman pointed to a Clinton campaign fact sheet from March as the possible source of the statistic. The fact sheet in question finds that more than 90% of the emails in Clinton’s inbox were with officials with a “.gov” account. That’s a separate claim from they were automatically preserved and accessible to officials.

Clinton’s campaign didn’t respond to a Wall Street Journal request for comment.

Now this is an oopsie, isn’t it? Clinton said State came up with the number, and State says Clinton did. That means basically it was all just made up by the Clinton campaign.