Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Emails Contain Secret Bush Iraq War Documents

Hillary lied. There is now proof. This should be the first thing asked of her on Thursday, when she testifies before Congress.

New emails contain a document prepared by former Secretary of State Colin Powell (below) detailing a meeting between then-President Bush and then-Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK.

Two things are revealed by this document found in Clinton’s emails:

1) Bush and Blair were preparing to invade Iraq from as far back as 2002.

2) This document is LABELED as Secret. Hillary’s email now includes without ambiguity a classified document that was marked classified and was classified at the time it was created.

Item 1 blows open the idea that the diplomacy and UN maneuvers in the runup Iraq War were anything but a scam. Historians of the war and the Bush/Blair administrations have much to work on.

Item 2 is the so-called smoking gun that matters to us under the shadow of Hillary.

When her private server was first made public in March, Hillary stated there was no classified information on it. When the first emails released appeared to contain classified information (according to the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community), Hillary argued that the material was not classified at the time it was created, and that different agencies had different rules for classification. She changed her standard response to be “I did not send or receive anything marked classified.”

Now we know she did.

— The document above is labeled SECRET/NOFORN (i.e., “NO FORreigNers” may see it.)

— The document was labeled as classified when it was created.

— The document was created by Hillary’s own agency, the State Department.

— FYI: portions of the document are still classified as CONFIDENTIAL today.

That’s it. Nothing more needs to be said.