Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Can Hillary Run on Her Record as Secretary of State?

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta gave an interview in which he said holding up the “major accomplishments” from Hil’s State Department tenure would be a centerpiece of her campaign. Podesta may want to reconsider that plan.

So what did Hillary accomplish in her four years as Secretary of State? In the video above from 2012, Susan Rice, with Mark Halperin, lists off Hillary’s accomplishments:

MARK HALPERIN: What would you say are the three biggest accomplishments of Secretary Hillary Clinton when she was at State?

SUSAN RICE: Well, first of all, I think you would have to put them in context of the administration’s accomplishments.

HALPERIN: Anything that she participated in a meaningful way.

RICE: She participated in everything that we did in the first term in a meaningful way.

First of all, in the first term, we were able to bring to conclusion two long and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And she was very much involved in supporting those transitions. In the president’s first term also we initiated and now have sustained what we call, the re-balance to Asia, the Asia-Pacific. Where we have substantially increased our security commitment, our economic engagement.

As you know we have been negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to bring that to fruition. We look forward to receiving trade promotion authority from Congress. That is another significant accomplishment.

Wait, are we watching SNL again?

Did anyone, never mind Hillary, “bring to conclusion two long and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?” Nope. Both wars are ongoing, and doing quite well, thank you. America is up to its lips in tragedy in both places.

And that “re-balance to Asia.” What, exactly, is that? Sure, some saber-rattling towards China, but that seems to be mostly a Pentagon thing.

Otherwise, can anybody point to anything else?

How about that shiny new trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Isn’t that some sort of re-balance thingie?

Maybe yes, maybe no, but Hillary just does not support the TPP anymore like she used to. So can’t count that.