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State Dept Says Gaps in Clinton Emails; Another Account

It turns out Hillary used another, previously undisclosed, email account at the beginning of her time as secretary of state. And that the emails she did turn over to the State Department appear incomplete; there may be gaps in coverage, suggesting either she took a few months off, or withheld messages, or perhaps had yet another account. Whew.

About that other account. Clinton took office on January 21, 2009, but the first message she turned back over to the State Department was dated March 18, and the earliest-dated message she herself sent was on April 13, or nearly three months into her time in office. What happened?

Oh, of course, Clinton has said she continued using a previous account she’d used during her time as a senator for business at the beginning of her time as secretary, but the differing dates between the first email received and the first sent raise still more questions. She claims she no longer has “access” to that account and those three months of email messages are… just… gone.

According to the State Department official who wrote the evaluation of Clinton’s messages, there was also a “gap” of several weeks at the end of her records.

For example, the last message she turned over was dated on her last day in office, February 1, 2013, from Cheryl Mills, one of her top aides. But the last message Clinton herself sent and turned over was dated December 30, 2012, a month before she left office.

But it’s all OK. The State Department, in a statement, said the initial evaluation was later proved wrong and the department found emails from Clinton’s last days in office, so there is no gap then.

“We are not aware of any gaps in the Clinton email set, with the exception of the first few months of her tenure when Secretary Clinton used a different email account that she advised she no longer has access to,” the department said. “There is no ‘gap’ in Secretary Clinton’s sent messages from December 2012 through the end of January 2013. Upon review, the department has many messages sent by Secretary Clinton during that period, including messages that appear to have been produced directly from her ‘sent’ mailbox. Future document releases will include emails from this time period.”

All transparent enough now?