Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead of Hillary Clinton in Striking New Hampshire Poll

It’s still early in the game, but that in fact is the point — it’s still early in the game. The once presumptive Democratic nominee and president-to-be Hillary Clinton is seeing her support weaken in the face of scandals made worse by her own lack of substantive response. That has left a gap in voters’ thinking into which has rushed Bernie Sanders.

A second poll in less than two weeks shows Senator Bernie Sanders leading Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in New Hampshire.

Sanders leads Clinton by seven points, according to the Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday. A Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll released two weeks ago also gave Sanders a seven-point lead.

The polls are clear signs that Clinton will face a tougher-than-expected challenge in the first-in-the-nation primary state. And nobody in the Clinton circus tent can forget that Obama tied her in New Hampshire in 2007, a significant step for him toward national recognition and a significant step into election failure for Hillary 1.0.

The poll found that 78 percent of New Hampshire Democrats surveyed view Sanders favorably, compared with just 12 percent who have a negative opinion of him. That compares with 63 percent of New Hampshire Democrats who have a favorable view of Clinton, compared with 25 percent who view her negatively.

Overall, it’s a huge shift from April, when Clinton led the Democratic field with 45 percent of the vote. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was included in the poll but is not running for president, grabbed 23 percent of the vote then.

Vice President Joe Biden, who will soon make a decision about whether to enter the race, was not tested in the PPP poll. But according to the FPU/Boston Herald poll released two weeks ago, 46 percent of New Hampshire Democrats said they want him to enter the race. His favorability ratings have increased by 14 points since March among Democratic voters, according to that poll.

Clinton remains the overwhelming front-runner in both national polls and surveys of Iowa, which holds the first caucuses next year. According to a Real Clear Politics average of recent national and Iowa polls, she leads by an average of about 24 points.

But hey, it’s still early in the game.