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Clinton Chief of Staff Worked on UAE Project While at State Department

Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills held several outside roles, including a board position with a foreign-funded university in Abu Dhabi, while working as chief of staff and counselor at the State Department. Conflicts of interest abound.

There are very few people Hillary Clinton trusts as much as Cheryl Mills, pictured above. A loyal Clinton advisor for more than 20 years, Mills knows where the bodies are buried. We’ve already had plenty to say about the sleaze of Cheryl Mills; take a taste here. For example, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, scrutinized politically sensitive documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and sometimes blocked their release.

So it is no surprise that Hillary allowed Mills to keep her outside jobs, all potential whoppers of conflict of interest, at the beginning of Mills’ tenure at State.

For example, after joining the State Department in the beginning of 2009, Mills continued to serve as general counsel for New York University for several months. She also sat on the board of the “NYU in Abu Dhabi Corporation,” the fundraising arm for the university’s United Arab Emirate satellite campus. The school is bankrolled in large part by the Abu Dhabi government and has been criticized by NYU professors and human rights activists for alleged labor abuses.

Mills resigned both positions in May 2009, according to a university spokesperson.She collected $198,000 over four months from NYU.

And don’t worry about Mills. After leaving State in 2012 alongside Hillary, Mills quickly found work — with the Clinton Foundation, perpetuating the cycle of Clintoners moving among government, private jobs and the Foundation.