Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Bernie Sanders on the Rise in New Hampshire Polling

According to a survey released Tuesday by Suffolk University, 41 percent of likely Democratic primary voters said if the New Hampshire presidential primary was held today, they’d vote for Hillary Clinton, with 31 percent saying they’d back Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Morning Consult came out with a second poll two days ago showing Hillary ahead of Sanders by just 12 points in New Hampshire, 44/32.

So what?

It is not unexpected that Sanders would poll well near his home state, and of course Hillary still dominates both nationally and, indeed, in New Hampshire — a 10-12 percent lead is not to be laughed at.

But what the polls may suggest is a yearning on the part of many Democrats for a candidate they can support, as opposed to voting for as the lesser of two evils. There exists a strong argument in favor of some Democrat to take the presidency in 2016; many voters fear a Republican backlash on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, either through legislation or via Supreme Court appointments after 2016 as several elderly justices retire.

Until now, Clinton has been the overwhelming frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in just about all national and early primary and caucus state polling. But the Suffolk survey, conducted June 11-15, indicates Sanders could give the former secretary of state a real fight in the first-in-the-nation primary state. The independent senator who describes himself as a democratic socialist is energizing many on the left, including supporters of liberal hero Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who’s passing on a White House run.

There is also a clear gender gap among Democrats in New Hampshire. Among women Clinton led Sanders 47-28 percent, but among men she trailed 35-32 percent, according to the polls. Political philosophy also divided the candidates. Among moderate Democrats, Clinton led Sanders 46-26 percent, but among self-identified liberals, the race is tied 39-39 percent.

Bottom line: Hillary’s support is soft. Hillary isn’t the Democrat they want, but she is the Democrat they have.