Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Welcome to Hillary’s ‘Average American’ Campaign: Bring Money

Bring money. Lots and lots of money, or you’ll never get close to the campaign that is all about her, you.

On June 13, Hillary made a big speech on the color TV, cable and everything, kicking off for a second time her campaign. She said right into them cameras that she wants to be a “people’s champion,” fighting against those billionaires and corporations. She stands with factory employees and food-service workers who stand on their feet all day, and said she was running for the nurses who work the night shift, for the truckers who drive for hours and the farmers who feed us. For the veterans who serve our country. For the small business owners who took a risk.

Wow. It’s like Woody Guthrie, Jimmy Stewart and Abe Lincoln had a baby and it was Her. I’m tearing up.

I just hope some of those regular, hard workin’ folks (“folks” is a gonna be dis campaign’s go-to word, ya’ll jest wait and a see) brought along some of their hard earned cash.

The nurses who work the night shift, had they woken up to attend Clinton’s Nuremberg Rally, could have purchased there $65 hoodies, or maybe $35 tote bags, or, if they are raising their welfare babies, $25 onesies.

After that, assuming those truckers had any scratch left over after scrimping for another can of hobo beans for dinner, they would have heard Hillary’s wrap up, a pitch for cash.

“I want you to join me in this effort. Go to hillaryclinton.com,” she said. (Link NSFW)

Those who followed her instructions were met with the message: “Just go ahead and donate!” with suggested amounts of $5 to the upper limit $2,700.

Clicking past pitches for donations on the site takes visitors to the Clinton store, where “everyday items made by everyday Americans” include a $55 throw pillow, a $35 baseball cap, a $25 pair of pint glasses and a $30 tee proclaiming, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” (available in women’s sizes only).