Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Carly Fiorina Weighs In On Clinton Donation, Tax Scandals

Not that you probably need another voice pounding Hillary Clinton for her recently revealed scandals over huge amounts of money from foreign governments being “donated” into her family foundation while serving as Secretary of State. Be that as it may, we have something from potential presidential challenger Carly Fiorina speaking on these issues.

Take it away Carly:

“It’s the Clinton way: raking in millions from foreign governments behind closed doors while making promises about transparency that they never intended to keep. Now they’re scrambling to refile their taxes and account for her decisions as Secretary of State…

The American people will have a choice. Are we going to demand trust and transparency from our leaders? Have we had enough of a ruling political class that doles out favors to the wealthy and well connected few?”

She could have also mentioned that this also raises a number of additional questions. For example, if the Russians were able to buy their way into a commanding position that now has them controlling 20 percent of US uranium capacity (one of the most strategic industries that has huge national security implications), what else has happened?

Possibly, there have been other governments that curried favor from Mrs. Clinton when she was head of the State Department. Iran might have given money and then used this influence to get a sweetheart deal in return. Ultimately, there really is no telling what might have actually happened, since Hillary has erased all of her emails. Not to mention the additional security risks this entailed, by using her own private server to conduct state business.

It would certainly seem that while Hillary cries and screams about transparency, she has very little respect for what this actually means. During her time as Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State, we have seen nothing in the way of anything even coming close to transparency. And it is probably not a stretch to say that we will not see any real explanation for this.

Don’t get me wrong. Hillary will very likely survive this scandal. Hopefully, the American people will remember exactly what happened here, especially when they vote. There is a big reason why Hillary is no longer seen as honest or trustworthy.

What do YOU think about all this?