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Michelle Obama in Another Lavish Vacation, This Time Spending Millions to Visit London, Italy

From Right Wing News:

This makes at least 39 lavish, multi-million dollar vacations paid for by you and me for Obama, his wife and their pampered kiddies. This time Michelle, her daughters and grandma Robinson are headed to London and Italy on your dime, America.

And not only are YOU paying for yet another extravagant vacation for a woman who has no job, but through your reporters in the media, you won’t even be allowed to find out what the First Lady’s agenda will be. It’s all a secret and YOU aren’t allowed to find out.

The White House Friday rebuffed questions about the cost of Michelle Obama’s trip with her mother and daughters to Italy and England next week and also wouldn’t provide the agenda for Sasha and Malia or Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson.

“I don’t have anything I can give you on that,” said the first lady’s chief of staff, Tina Tchen.

According to the White House, the four are taking their summer vacation to England and Italy to address issues including kid health and education.

The woman who has never been proud of America (until her husband got elected) is living like a queen off our backs.

Every one of these lavish trips costs between one and ten million dollars (depending on where they go) and you are paying every penny of it.

As Americans struggle to make ends meet, Obama and his brood are touring the world like they think they are royalty.