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Democrat Senator Cites Debunked Fake News Story About Russian Hacking During Senate Confirmation Hearing

Senate confirmation hearings have provided hours of entertainment and given us even more insight into how the liberal mind works, or in some cases doesn’t work. Take New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan as your liberal bastion of news and current events.

Hassan asked Marine Gen. John Kelley, Trump’s pick for the next head of Homeland Security, about the Russian hacking into the power grid in Vermont.

“Two weeks ago The Washington Post reported that a hacking group connected with the Russian government managed to infiltrate the Burlington Electric power company in Vermont,” Hassan said to retired Marine Gen.Kelley during his confirmation hearing to head the Department of Homeland Security.

She continued as though the story were actually true.

The Washington Post story was proven to be fake news. Nobody hacked into the power grid in Vermont or anywhere else in the United States. The truth is that malware was found on a computer in the Burlington Electric company in Vermont. The computer had never been connected to the power grid.

In fact, Burlington Electric issued a statement saying the power grid had never been compromised.

Shouldn’t those entrusted to keep us safe have at least a basic knowledge of what is happening in the world? New Hampshire is right next door to Vermont. The news that the Russians didn’t hack into the Vermont power grid should have reached the Senator by now!

Let’s not allow Hassan to become a career politician. Term limits, please.

New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan appeared to be unaware during a Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday that a Washington Post story about Russian hacking into the Vermont power grid has been completely debunked and retracted.

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