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Anti-Cop ‘Pig Painting’ Racist Calls Cops For Help, Their Response Is PRICELESS

Lacy Clay has been on a tirade to keep his racist, anti-cop painting up in the Missouri capitol building after Republicans took it down twice out of respect for our heroes in blue. Now he wishes he had never gotten involved since it put him at the center of attention and he found himself in need of their help for which he got an absolutely priceless response from them in return.

This anti-cop democrat called the cops to tell the cops that the anti-cop painting was removed for the second time. HE CALLED THE COPS!!! You’ve got to be kidding me right now. You’re an anti-cop democrat who calls the cops over this nonsense? He really needs to get a life, because this one is certainly not working out for him.

I know why the painting was removed and that’s because the painting stinks and the message it sends is a disgrace to the people who fight for your safety on the tough streets of America. You prance around in your cheap suit acting like a politician, but you’re just wandering around crying like a toddler dropped off at the fire station.

Lacy Clay’s phone call adventure with police gets worse. He called the removal of the painting an act of thievery. I assure you that no one stole this. No one wants this on their wall. I bet most people don’t even want this horrid act of art to touch their apartment complex dumpster. Moving the painting from from point A, to point B, but not leaving the premises with it – is not considered stealing. If someone moves this ugly art from the wall to the floor, then that’s not considered thievery – that’s just called MOVING IT. It’s the relocation program that people with common sense have for things that don’t belong on a wall. If the janitor moves the vacuum cleaner from one closet, to another, did he steal it?

Conservative Tribune reports – When Rep. Duncan Hunter took down a painting hung in the U.S. Capitol that depicted police officers as pigs, Rep. William Lacy Clay was livid at the California Republican. Even though Rep. Hunter had only taken down the painting and returned it to the Missouri Democrat’s office because it was offensive to police, Clay wanted Hunter to pay dearly for making him look bad.
So, what did Clay do about Hunter’s decision to take down a painting that depicted police as pigs? He, uh, went to the police.“He had no right to take that picture down,” Clay said Monday, according to The Washington Post. “It’s thievery.”

Thievery is when you walk out of the building with something that doesn’t belong to you. It’s like when you go to a store, put a box of democrat brains up your sleeve, then walk out without paying. That’s stealing.

Here’s another example. You’re complaining to police, that someone took down an anti-police painting – that’s called stealing people’s time with your nonsense.

How about the time that Mike Brown stole something and got himself shot by a cop? That’s thievery too.


I want Mr. Clay and the rest of your idiot anti-cop democrats would kindly sit down and reorganize their anti-cop thoughts and realize that the cops are not the enemy. The enemy is the enemy. It’s not that hard of a concept to grasp. Criminals are the bad guys. Very simple to process if your critical thinking skills match that of a third grader.

Start wondering why everyone on the planet laughs at your weak minded party.

While you’re at it, Mr. Clay, I’d like you to tell me about a hard day at work that you’ve had.

Were you physically attacked by a crackhead with aids? Were you shot at by gangsters? Did you have to climb up or down anything to rescue someone? Did you have to shoot an aggressively threatening criminal and then worry about the backlash from the terror group known as Black Lives Matter? Did you have to worry about losing your job simply for arresting a person of color on a warrant?

From FD.