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OH JOY! Lena Dunham’s Being Gross For The Camera Again!

Speaking of attention-grabbing acts that are just getting old…

According to this, some magazine called Nylon (yeah, never heard of it either) decided it would be SUPER AWESOME and attract more readers if they put Lena Dunham on the cover doing … whatever the crap this is. I think it’s supposed to be some kind of gymnastics – if the gymnastics team was made up of ham hocks.

BE WARNED: This is Lena Dunham (A) wearing a swimsuit and (B) thinking that she’s an athlete and that anyone would want to see her fold her body into these contortions. Sure, it’s cute when a chubby little toddler tries to do these kinds of things, but Lena Dunham hasn’t been cute since… forever. And that’s putting it mildly.

View these images at your own risk.


lena-gross-2 lena-gross-3 lena-gross-4

The way she’s got her mouth hanging open, she looks like she’s auditioning for the lead role in Twilight


Not even remotely attractive.

And then there’s the boob-grabbing. SO. MUCH. BOOB-GRABBING.

lena-gross-5 lena-stripes lena-gross-6

I don’t even know what this this –


Pig in heels, maybe?

lena-gross-7 lena-wtf lena-gross-8


I think the photographer just got bored and was ready for this nightmare to be OVER.

And last, but not least, I swear Lena’s got lipstick on her teeth here –


That’s it. That’s supposedly the “Voice Of My Generation.”


As bad as her OH-SO-EMPOWERED body-positivity photo-shoot is, the interview is even worse. I’m pretty sure I felt several brain cells commit ritual seppuku, rather than process this information.

See, in the era of Donald Trump, she’s just got to get used to people not liking her. Which evidently it never occurred to her that people couldn’t stand her self-centered, attention-seeking hosebeastery in the first place (if you want the truth, Lena Dunham did Hillary Clinton no favors when she endorsed the Queen Seabeast. If anything, that might have LOST Hillary votes) –

‘The older I get, the more I’m like, ”I don’t f**king know what anybody is seeing when they look at me,” and the coolest thing is it’s not my problem.
‘That’s an interesting thing. It kind of doesn’t matter. I used to think the worst thing in the world could be for someone to have a thought about you that you didn’t have yourself. Now I’m like, ”Have at it, guys!”
As a female in a male dominated industry, she is doing her best to stop trying to be liked by everyone.

Wait – wait – wait – Lena Dunham actually thought people LIKED her?


Oh, and she’s NEVER going to have a show with four white girls in starring roles AGAIN (does that mean she’s never going to have a show again, period? We’ll never have to hear how visionary and speaking-for-a-generation she is? Can I be so lucky?)

However, while Lena has prided herself in giving a voice to those who have been left out of the conversation, she two has been accused to being exclusionary and also promoting cultural stereotypes, especially when it comes to women of colour.
The star admits Girls is flawed: ‘I wouldn’t do another show that starred four white girls.
‘That being said, when I wrote the pilot I was 23. Each character was an extension of me. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was not trying to write the experience of somebody I didn’t know, and not trying to stick a black girl in without understanding the nuance of what her experience of hipster Brooklyn was.’

So, Girls was just about her own various personalities? Like, she never even tried to write about anything that she didn’t already know? She stuck herself in her own little bubble and pretended that everybody could relate to it?

Why is this hag considered a great writer? What talent does she have? Other than being able to spout off the politically-correct and social-justice-accepted lines that the leftist cultural gatekeepers consider to be worth everyone’s time.

That’s the only thing she’s got going for her. Well, that and the ability to posed semi-naked for the camera and act like she being all “empowered” and whatnot.

If I had one wish for 2017, it would be that Lena Dunham and all those other irrelevant progressive feminists would realize that most women cannot relate to their brand of gross-out feminism and they would finally just go away. I know, it’s a long shot and I’m not going to get it. But a girl can dream, right?

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