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Black GOP Senator Called “House N***a” by Racist Lib, His Twitter Response Is PERFECT

Supporting the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general ought to be OK for anyone to do, but in the minds of racially obsessed liberals, doing so as a black man presents a problem.

But when one liberal racist tried to highlight this Wednesday by tweeting that Sessions’ longtime staffer William Smith and Sen. Tim Scott — the latter of whom formally endorsed Sessions Tuesday — were “house n****s, it backfired big time.

Unfazed by the attack on his character, Scott tweeted back a single-word retort: “Senate.”

Take a look at a snapshot of the tweets:

Tim Scott Tweet

There was only one word that adequately described what Scott did to the troll: “rekt,” as in Scott completely destroyed (or “wrecked”) his simple-minded opponent.

Speaking later with The Washington Post, the senator explained two things — why the attack on his character had unfazed him, and why he had chosen to strike back.

“I have three or four pages of that kind of crap because of the Sessions nomination,” he said. “There were so many n-words and racially insensitive words coming at me over the Budget Control Act in 2011 that my employees were crying.”

“Unfortunately, people feel like they have a license to say stupid stuff, and too often it comes from liberals,” he added. “So I thought it was a good time to tell people what I thought.”

To say that the South Carolina senator did not deserve such treatment was an understatement, especially considering his reputation as the first first black Republican U.S. senator from the South since Reconstruction and as the only black Republican in the Senate.

“Tim is tough and handles these with grace, but it’s important that people see it,” Scott’s communications director Sean Smith added in a statement to The Charleston Post and Courier. “There is a serious issue behind this.”

And the issue was this: Liberal racism is rarely ever called out. Thanks to Sen. Tim Scott, however, it appeared those days of letting liberal bigotry fly under the radar had finally come to an end — a brutal end, to be precise.

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