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(Video) This Earthbag Home Time Lapse is Incredible. Now I Want to Build and Live in One ASAP!

Have you ever heard of an Earthbag home? It might seem like it’s a pretty complex style of shelter but it’s really not. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

It’s a small home constructed out of bags packed with sand and dirt. This neat video shows you just how one couple built their own earthbag home.

You’ll see how in just a few months, this home was built. If you’re thinking about living a more off-grid life, this home will make it a lot easier.

As you see the progress they make in building this shelter, you’ll want to build your own home too!

This home is simple and can protect you from the elements. If you want an off grid life, this is a good place to start. Find out what an earth bag home is made of and how you can make your own. The results will surprise you.

This earth bag home is pretty awesome. It provides warmth and shelter from the cold. It also looks incredibly spacious and very sturdy. Will you make your off-grid home similar to this earth bag house?

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