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Iraq War Vet Fends Off 8 Muslim Men Who Attacked His Wife

In January of last year, a retired Iraq war veteran fought eight Muslim men after one of them attacked his wife, and now he wants to set record straight on what happened that day.

Kyle Tyrrell said the altercation on Victoria’s Surf Coast in Australia occurred because he was standing up for his wife, Liana, who was attacked by a Muslim man after she told him the beach was a no-fishing area.

Tyrrell, 48, said the man punched his wife in the face, and also claimed the attack was racially and culturally motivated after the man called his wife a “white slut.”

The retired lieutenant colonel received criticism over the attack, from which he suffered minor injuries, according to The Washington Times.

He posted a reply on the Stand Up For Australia — Melbourne Facebook page, where he said he had no other option but to fight, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. He also “confirmed” there that the men were Muslims.

Tyrrell said the man took offense after a woman (his wife) told him what to do. He started talking back to her, and when she ignored him, he became irate. He began to attack her, and Tyrrell said that after he got the man into a headlock up to eight other men joined in on the fight.

“His mates got close to me and then he made a run for my wife, that’s when I ran at him. He threw a punch, which I ducked, and the fight started. At no time could either my wife, daughter or I safely walk away,” Tyrrell wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

At one point in the scuffle, one of the men told Tyrrell’s wife that her husband needed to teach her a lesson.

“I would do the same thing again in a heartbeat. In fact, I would do the same thing for any woman I saw in that situation, not just my wife,” Tyrrell said.

In an interview with the Australian Herald Sun, Tyrrell said, “I was just protecting my wife and daughter, like any man.”

The Sun reported that no charges were immediately made.

Let’s hope these men learned a lesson in manners.

From CT.