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What a Soldier Did at President Obama’s Farewell Address to Troops Sums Up His Time as Commander-in-Chief

President Obama appeared for the last time as Commander-in-Chief to give a farewell address to the troops.

The president inspected the troops during an Armed Forces Full Honor Farewell Review at Joint Base Myer-Henderson in Arlington, Virginia.

He looked the sailors and soldiers up and down as they stood at attention in full military dress.

President Obama awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service to U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

The president stood during the national anthem, and yes, he put his hand over his heart this time.

President Obama gave a somber speech to the troops.

He saluted their service and their sacrifice to this country.

He paid his highest respects to the men and women in uniform who fight and die for this country.

The president thought about those men and women who have served with him throughout his time in office.

Under President Obama, America’s troops have seen the Iraq War ended, the War in Afghanistan drag on, the bloody conflict in Syria escalate after a “red line” declaration, an invasion into Libya leading to it become a failed state and terrorist haven, servicemen abandoned at Benghazi, and the rise of ISIS.

During his farewell review, a member of Obama’s Honor Guard collapsed on the floor in front of the Commander-in-Chief.

A fitting ending to eight long, exhausting years for America’s troops under Obama.

From IJR.