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Rex Tillerson Shops At Local D.C. Supermarket

Rex Tillerson might be Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, but he shops just like the rest of us.

The ExxonMobil CEO generated a lot of attention when he was seen buying groceries at the supermarket Safeway in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. Sanho Tree, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, tweeted out a photo.

“Yup,” Tree said. “That’s Rex Tillerson in my local Safeway shopping like a plebeian. His security guy is about 20 paces behind him.”

In mid-December, Trump announced that he would nominate Tillerson for the position of secretary of state after they met for two hours at Trump Tower.

The president-elect — who also considered Mitt Romeny for the role — said Tillerson was in a different “league” than his other options.

From TDC.