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NAACP members occupy Sen. Sessions office in protest – here’s how that worked out . . .

Members of the NAACP were arrested on Tuesday after they sat in at the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions and demanded he withdraw himself as Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general.

Judging by a tweet from NAACP President Cornell William Brooks from Sen. Sessions Mobile, Alabama office, the group was determined to get arrested.

The sit-in started with around 30 protesters, many of whom abandoned their comrades before arrests were made at around 7 p.m., The Hill reported.

“Our objective is certainly to stop his nomination,” Alabama State Conference of the NAACP President Bernard Simelton told the New York Daily News.

But they were predictably unsuccessful in their attempt before police arrived an arrested them.

Those arrested included Brooks, Simelton, NAACP’s Mobile chapter President Lizzetta McConnell and others.

Brooks tweeted mugshots from the group hours later.

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