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FED UP Citizen Sees What Welfare User Does When She Leaves Store, Immediately Snaps Pic

About two years ago, Salt Lake City resident Vincent Janosko saw something while shopping at Walmart that really made his blood boil.

In a Facebook post that wound up going viral, he explained that he observed a non-English-speaking woman pay for her items with an Electronic Benefit Transfer food stamp card and then drive away in a luxury-grade vehicle.

“She didn’t speak English, used EB card, then climbed into that,” he wrote on Facebook. “I work 7 days a week, owe out the a– and put a steady oil supply into my 1991 ford. I don’t get a EBT card.”

“Why?” he then asked. “It’s sad. We work all our lives n someone crosses the border n starts off better than my 50 year struggle.”

This poignant post resurfaced again last spring when a proud supporter of then-Republican candidate Donald Trump shared it on Twitter.

“I am SICK & DAMN tired of this crap,” the Trump fan wrote. “If #Trump gets POTUS this WILL STOP. ARE YOU PISSED OVER THIS CRAP?”

Both Janosko and this Twitter user had a valid point. Under President Barack Obama, the number of Americans receiving food stamps has skyrocketed by 10.7 million, according to data from the Department of Agriculture reported by Breitbart.

As reported by the Independent Journal Review, this rise has occurred because the Obama administration chose “to waive the work requirement for food stamps benefits — which was established by President Clinton in 1996.”

Because signing up for EBT benefits requires simply being unemployed, it has become a magnet for lazy Americans — and illegal immigrants, in some cases — who want to sponge off the hard work of taxpayers such as Vincent Janosko.

This needs to stop, and judging by what President-elect Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview during the primary election season, it seems like he might be the right man to put an end to it.

“I would create incentives for people to work,” he said in June, as reported by RealClearPolitics. “People don’t have an incentive. They make more money by sitting there doing nothing than they make if they have a job.”

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