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Uh-Oh! Hillary Says ‘All Lives Matter’ At A Black Church And The Outrage Machine Explodes

All lives don’t matter, apparently.

Hillary Clinton spoke at a black church in Florissant, Missouri today. We aren’t sure if she adopted what Sen. Harry Reid might call a “Negro dialect” to try to connect with her audience, but we don’t think it mattered because she alienated numerous race agitators with her remarks.

Why? Because she said “all lives matter.”

Yes, that phrase is a serious faux pas among left-wing racists who think that statement is just as bad as an utterance of the n-word from anybody whose name isn’t Barack Obama.

In response to Hillary’s hatemongering at church, the professional mob did what it does best: complained on social media.

Our favorite tweet was delivered by someone named Naaya Angelou (not really, probably). It read as follows: “Hillary want that nigga vote so bad but them sagging wrinkles on her neck chocking her from lying for it smh bitch said ‘all lives matter'”.

Then there was this not-so-reassuring complaint from somebody named Victor: “Hillary Clinton said All Lives Matter. bye.”

It does not appear that she has the base squarely in her camp at this time.

Look for an apology tomorrow.