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Hugh Hewitt: Cruz, Rubio, And Jeb Could Debate In Spanish, Hillary Can’t Order At Taco Bell


Radio host Hugh Hewitt talked about the GOP presidential candidates on Thursday. Specifically, he addressed their appeal to Latino-Americans.

In so doing, he let out a pretty funny slam against Hillary.

Hewitt told Larry King that Republican candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz could conduct an entire debate in Spanish, Hillary Clinton “can’t order at Taco Bell.”

That will leave a mark.

Hewitt also noted that the best Republican ticket will have broad appeal to minorities.

“The perfect ticket will be able to appeal to not just white males over the age of 40,” he said. ” They’ll be able to talk to Latino-Americans. They’ll be able to talk to African-Americans. They’ll be able to talk to young single women. We haven’t done a very good job at that.”

“Mitt Romney got smashed in the Latino demographic in 2012,” he continued. “I think he said just this last week…if he had anything to do over again, he’d go to the African-American community and the Latino community earlier. I think our perfect ticket will do just that.”

(The Daily Caller)