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MSNBC Notes That The Hillary Crowd Was Too Small, Too White, And Not Enthusiastic Enough

The good folks at MSNBC noted a couple of problems with the crowd at Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech yesterday: It was too small, too white, and not enthusiastic enough.

“It was a pretty enthusiastic crowd,” said one MSNBC wigglejaw. “There was, however, an overflow area behind the stage that didn’t really get filled, campaign officials saying that that was just a precautionary measure, in case they needed more room.”

“I’d say, a largely enthusiastic crowd but they were not overwhelmed,” he continued.

Next, another member of the weekend brigade noted that the crowd in the background of Hillary Clinton was just a little too… white.

“It didn’t seem to reflect, necessarily, the everyday American, per se, in terms of looking at diversity and those who were there,” he said.

Finally, an African-American reporterette came on the scene and concurred: “Yes, it was a predominantly white crowd.”

Heaven forbid.

She went on to note, however, that the age breakdown was more in line with what the campaign was looking for. She said that the younger attendees that she spoke with are happy that Hillary is supporting gay rights and women’s rights.

Recall, though, that Herself was against gay marriage when it was politically expedient, just a couple of years ago.

Check out the video above.