Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

John Heilemann: Hillary Won’t Take Questions Because She Doesn’t Have Any Good Answers

The pile-on at MSNBC continues.

John Heilemann, one of the best in the business at pretending to be an objective journalist when in reality he pledges allegiance to the red hammer-and-sickle flag, appeared on Morning Joe this morning and proceeded to rip Hillary Clinton.

“[Hillary] seems to be sending out her husband president as the trial balloon,” host Joe Scarborough noted to Heilemann. “This is a woman who cannot stand before microphones and answer questions like any other person running for President of the United States. There aren’t good answers that won’t sound bad.”

That part wasn’t surprising. Even though Joe Scarborough is a gun control nut who likes to please his puppet masters at MSNBC by quickly criticizing Republicans for any faux pas, we still see that there’s a Jekyll to his Hyde.

Heilemann, on the other hand, is someone we would expect to defend Hillary. He did not do so.

“I’ve been saying it’s outrageous she is not taking questions from reporters for months,” Heilemann said. “I have said on this show and others that the reason, part of the reason she doesn’t take questions from reporters is because she does not have good answers to give.”

Check out the video above.