Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus: Hillary’s Position On Trade Is ‘Laughable’

Actually, almost everything about Hillary Clinton is laughable.

Ruth Marcus, columnist for The Washington Post, decided to jeopardize her credibility by appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball last night. Host Chris Matthews directed the conversation to the subject of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, a free trade deal that makes sense to everybody except leftist crackpots (i.e., most registered Democrats).

Hillary is in a bind on that one. She’s actually for free trade, but she doesn’t want to say that she’s for free trade because she doesn’t want Democratic primary voters to pick Sanders over her. So she’s effectively rendered mute on the subject.

Matthews, apparently unaware of this, asked Marcus is Hillary is for free trade or against it.

“She’s for getting elected,” Marcus answered.

That got a few laughs around the table.

Marcus also said that Hillary is “for not annoying the base unnecessarily.”

“So there’s two different levels of the vote,” she explained. “One is, whether it is to support the fast track authority and what the Clinton campaign folks are saying, which is really kind of laughable, is ‘Well, that’s a kind of procedural vote. That’s an internal congressional matter.'”

We don’t think anyone’s buying it.

Check out the video above.