Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Ron Fournier: People Don’t Trust Hillary To Be Authentic

But you already knew that.

Professional moderate Ron Fournier appeared on Hardball last night to discuss the woes of the Hillary Clinton campaign (and there are many woes). He keyed in on one of the major problems with her effort to become the next President: inauthenticity.

“Nobody knows what her position is and nobody trusts her to come forward with an authentic message,” Fournier said. “She should decide where she stands on these issues and frame it and run at it, instead of trying to figure out ‘Am I right?’, ‘Am I left?’, ‘Am I starboard?’…”

“It would be nice if politicians position themselves where they are and convince the American public that this is the best place to be,” he said later. “Especially if you do happen to be somebody right now who’s going to take on the banks and take on Wall Street. That’s a position that you can get a lot of Americans behind on the right and the left.”

Fournier went on to ask one question about Hillary that every American should ask: “Who is she?”

Check out the video above.