Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

CNN’s John King: You Can’t Go 20 Minutes Without Hearing A Clinton Foundation Story That Gives You ‘The Creeps’

We certainly hope that the media is this hostile to Hillary Clinton next year.

This morning on CNN, John King brought up the subject of Hillary’s trustworthiness. He cited a Quinnipiac poll showing that only 39% of Americans think that Herself is “honest and trustworthy.” Among independents, the same poll shows that only 31% think they can trust her.

King connected this poll to the countless scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

“You can’t go 20 minutes in this town, it seems, without some sort of story about the Clinton Foundation that gives you a little bit of the creeps,” he said.

After citing a couple of examples of scandals associated with the foundation, King asked his panel: “Is this just stuff that makes you cringe a little bit or this eventually, potentially, the trap door?”

We certainly hope it’s the latter. However, it’s become clear in recent decades that the American people simply don’t let scandals like the ones that Clinton is experiencing dissuade them from voting for a Democrat.

Check out the video above.