Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Washington Post Columnist: Hillary Is Following The Democratic Party, Not Leading It

Hillary Clinton isn’t a leader.

That seems to be the opinion of Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty, who said something to the effect of: “Hillary Clinton isn’t a leader.”

During a roundtable discussion about Lady Hillary’s flip-flops, Tumulty offered the following assessment: “She also took a position to the left of Hillary Clinton circa 2008 [on immigration]. We’ve seen her shifting, evolving, whatever verb you want to pick on a number of issues now: on gay marriage, on criminal justice, and now on immigration.”

“You can argue that the party — she’s basically following the party, not leading it — but, she is definitely shifting on a whole range of issues,” she continued.

Another panelist noted that, with the Democratic party, Hillary “doesn’t have a whole lot to lose.”

That’s true. No matter how far to the left she runs, the crackpots that make up the Democratic party will never consider her too liberal.

Check out the video above.