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Krauthammer: Hillary’s Waffle On Free Trade May Bring Warren Into The Race

Once upon a time, Hillary Clinton was in favor of free trade.

After all, it was her husband (sometimes referred to as “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend”) who signed NAFTA into law. For those of you who get your news from The Daily Show, NAFTA is an acronym that stands for “North American Free Trade Agreement.”

Fast forward to today, and the Obama administration is promoting a similar free trade deal, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Hillary said she supported in the past, but now she’s not so sure.

Recall that even though her husband signed NAFTA into law, he did so over the objections of the unions, who are key players in Democratic party politics. By signing the free trade agreement, Clinton demoralized many loyal unionistas. That probably contributed to the Republicans taking Congress for the first time in more than 40 years in 1994.

Charles Krauthammer appeared on Special Report tonight to discuss this issue. He sees the waffling as an opening for Elizabeth Warren to jump into the race.

“I think she’ll get herself on the correct side for her own Left as a way to prevent Elizabeth Warren,” predicted Krauthammer. “I could see [Warren] getting so upset about this, and making it her big issue, that it could provoke her entry into the race. And as Steve [Hayes] said, the one thing she wants to do, Hillary, is keep Warren out of the race, because she’s the only one who can challenge her.”

Check out the video above.