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Canadian Woman DESTROYS Liberal Prime Minister Trudeau Over Socialist Carbon-Tax Policy: “How is it justified for you to ask me to pay a CARBON TAX when I only have $65 left of my paycheck every 2 weeks to feed my family?”

A disabled Canadian woman stood up at a town hall meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and told her story of a hard-working citizen who’s been financially devastated by his socialist carbon-tax policies.

This is a preview of what could come if we don’t stand up against this climate change movement and politicians who are fine with taking from Americans to support it. Just listen to Trudeau as he minimizes her pain and suffering by calling it  “shift period” that she’ll have to go through.

“I’m making almost $50,000 a year and I’m living in energy poverty!”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued an ultimatum to the provinces in October 2016, announcing his government’s plan to set a minimum carbon tax even as environment ministers were meeting in Montreal to discuss options for carbon pricing.

Several provinces and territories reacted angrily – three environment ministers walked out of the federal-provincial climate talks – after Mr. Trudeau’s unilateral announcement in the House of Commons. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said the decision is a “betrayal” of the co-operative approach the Prime Minister had promised and that the tax would devastate his province’s economy.

I applaud this woman for her bravery.