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‘Clock Boy’ Has His Lawsuit Tossed Out of Court

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed and his father’s lawsuit against prominent conservative voices is finished.

If you don’t recall, Mohamed – or Clock Boy as he is now known – built a clock inside of a briefcase.

Mohamed and his father over-stepped their bounds just a bit, when they sued conservatives that dared criticize his stunt. A judge agreed, tossing out the lawsuit.

Via the Daily Caller:

A Texas judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed last year by the father of “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed against several conservatives.

Dallas County district court judge Maricela Moore dismissed the suit on Monday, announced the Center for Security Policy (CSP), one of the defendants in the case.

Mohamed Mohamed, “Clock Boy’s” father, filed the suit in September against CSP, its executive vice president, The Blaze, Inc., its founder Glenn Beck, Fox News, and several conservative pundits, including Ben Ferguson and Ben Shapiro, all of whom criticized his son.

Jim Hanson, a CSP executive, explained his belief that Mohamed had intentionally designed the device to cause a reaction from school administrators.

“It’s a RadioShack clock that he put in a briefcase, and in a briefcase it looks like a bomb,” Hanson argued in an appearance with Glenn Beck. “They did that to create the exact scenario that played out.”

While it is clear what Mohamed’s intentions were, President Obama fell for the story.

He praised Mohamed and even invited the teen to the White House, asking him to bring his “cool clock.”

Luckily, the Texas judge wasn’t nearly as gullible or politically motivated.