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School is in Session(s): Trump’s AG Pick Owns Open-Borders Babbler Dick Durbin on Immigration

I one of the more entertaining portions of the attorney general confirmation hearing for Sen. Jeff Sessions, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee tried to attack Sessions’ character.

What happened instead was a crash course on the Constitution.

After a long tirade against Senator Sessions’ voting record on immigration, Sen. Dick Durbin made a request to the senator from Alabama:

“Senator Sessions, there is not a spot of evidence in your public career to suggest that as attorney general you would use the authority of that office to resolve the challenges of our broken immigration system in a fair and humane manner. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Sessions responded without missing a beat:

“Well, you are wrong, Senator Durbin. I am going to follow the laws passed by Congress.”

“I do believe,” Sessions continued, “that if you continually go through a cycle of amnesty, that you undermined the respect for the law and encourage more illegal immigration into America.”

“I believe the Americans spoke clearly in this election,” Sessions told Durbin. “I believe they agreed with my basic view. And I think it’s a good view, a decent view, a solid legal view for the United States of America that we create a lawful system of immigration that allows people to apply to this country. If they are accepted, they get in; if they’re not accepted, they don’t get in.”

“I believe that’s right and just and that the American people are right to ask for it,” Sen. Sessions concluded. “We have not delivered that for them.”