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Here’s Barack Obama Actually Making Fun of Disabled People on Live TV. Remember That, Liberals?

The Meryl Streen backlash hasn’t stopped since her speech.

What Streep was referring to was the following, which was video of Donald Trump allegedly mocking a disabled person:

It wasn’t Trump making fun of a disabled reporter, but instead it is just a part of his character to make funny and outrageous gestures to illustrate his point all the time.

The funny thing is that Barack Obama made an actual comment about disabled people back in 2007 as he was running for president. When Obama spoke about his poor bowling score, he said, “It’s like I’m in the Special Olympics or something.”

If you didn’t know, the Special Olympics comprise some of the best athletes in the world, that just happen to be disabled in one way or another. Obama comparing himself to them because he is a poor bowler is actually making fun of the disabled as a group, but it seems as if the liberal media is quick to forget this: