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Mom Puts Pork On Conveyor Belt, Shocked To See What Clerk Quietly Did With It…

Jeanie Robinson went to the closest grocery store, WinCO, to get meat and a few other items her family needed for the week. At the checkout she turned her back to the clerk for a second to get the rest of her items. She was left in complete shock when she turned back around and saw what the cashier was doing with the pork…right in front of her.

The cashier was so engrossed in what she was doing that Robinson had time to pull out her cell phone and document what had happened, for proving what she was about to share on social media. As soon as she posted the footage on Instagram with a detailed description, it went viral.

This wasn’t Robinson’s first time to this particular Winco. In fact, she’s even checked out with the cashier before, but that particular day was MUCH different. She’d been shopping with her son who seemed to love being there as he followed his mom up and down the aisles with a look of excitement on his face that’s not typically seen from others in the process of this mundane task.

“My son has cerebral palsy and some days are challenging,” Robinson explained. “Today, however, he walked around with his contagious smile throughout the store and his help at the checkout line…”

Robinson went on to explain the moment she never saw coming after putting her groceries on the conveyor belt. When she wasn’t looking, her son and his massive grin seemed to have caught the attention of the cashier who decided to do something about it. Without hesitation, the worker asked if the boy wanted to scan his mother’s groceries, knowing that he would probably enjoy the job — which ended up being a huge understatement.

The incredibly impressed mother filmed her son, Andy, as he laughed and smiled, scanning each tray of meat and other items with the help of the patient and thoughtful cashier. She showed him how to do each step of the process as he passed each item over the scanner onto the receiving end of the belt for bagging. There was nothing more in this moment that Andy wanted, as the unexpected opportunity to feel important and do something new presented itself simply because this cashier wanted to do it and took the time to show him.

“That not only made my day, but he was so excited he came home to tell his older siblings all about it. He’s still smiling,” Robinson wrote. “Thank you for your kindness and above all, love wins.”