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CNN Deceptively Edits Photo of Fort Lauderdale Shooter’s Connections to Radical Islam

CNN covered up details about the Fort Lauderdale shooter that portray him as a jihadist.

When CNN released a picture of Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, they went to extreme lengths to prevent viewers from perceiving any connection with ISIS.

The CNN photo is in black and white, and the man’s scarf and hand were cut out of the image.


They edited the shooter’s hand because he is shown presenting ISIS’s one fingered salute. CNN also cropped out most of his scarf, known as a keffiyeh in Middle East culture.

WeSearchr uncovered some interesting facts about Santiago-Ruiz CNN doesn’t want us to know. They found a connection between “Naota33,” the shooter’s online username, posting in a thread about Islamic terrorist propaganda.

CBS reported that the shooter  told the FBI he was being forced to fight for ISIS, and the scarf CNN cut out of their picture is a keffiyeh and the one finger salute is a common ISIS symbol.

In an effort to keep viewers from associating the shooter with radical Islam, CNN covered up the facts that do just that.

Liberal media would rather hide radical Islamist motivations if they think they can get away with it, and not because they don’t want people to think that Muslim radicals are dangerous.