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Historically Black Marching Band Accepts Invitation To Perform On Inauguration Day, Lefties Lose Their Minds

Another meltdown is coming over Trump’s inauguration day.

This time the meltdown is caused by the marching band from Talladega College – a historically black private school in Alabama, which has accepted the invitation to perform on Inauguration Day.

Predictably, there are a few leftist alumni who aren’t exactly happy over this:

“We were a bit horrified to hear of the invitation,” said Shirley Ferrill of Fairfield, Alabama, a member of Talladega’s Class of 1974.

“I don’t want my alma mater to give the appearance of supporting him,” Ferrill said of Trump on Monday. “Ignore, decline or whatever, but please don’t send our band out in our name to do that.”

While there have been many people to decline performing on Trump’ inauguration I think it is important to note that this day isn’t about political parties or politics, but about supporting the next person to lead this nation.

Personal feelings aside this should be a time to represent the nation as a whole and help the transition of power and support and wish for the best for these new leaders in the nation that we as a country chose.

We have seen people take time to deny the current president and the president prior to this it happens, and perhaps with the spread of social media we are now able to see every little thing everyone says that leads us to believe that political views encompass an entire person’s frame of thinking and decision making, but that is not the case and shouldn’t be.

This is a glorious opportunity for these students and if given the chance they should take it.