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Entitled Millennial Fatass Gets Removed From Airplane BY HER ANKLES After Getting Cocky With The WRONG COP

The majority of the millennial generation has left many people concerned for the future. The world has seen their temper tantrums and need for safe spaces when someone doesn’t agree with them. While it does seem easy to be able to trace the origin of this type of behavior, it does beg to question when does it end.

At one point people that that once these people went off to college they would learn about how harsh life could be, but that is not true at all based on how college and professors are now coddling these students from the realities of life.

Now a video has surfaced that shows a college professor being dragged off a plane. The reason is because she wouldn’t comply with the boarding procedures. But how authorities had to forcibly remove her is the worst part. Because she refused to comply, she had to be dragged away while kicking and screaming very much to the shock of everyone on the plane.

“We’ve learned she had blown past the gate agent, boarding unlawfully, refusing to properly check her bags and then refused to get up and leave the aircraft. All the while she was cursing at responding officers who begged her to walk out on her own,” reports ABC Detroit


It is sad to see something like this happen and it is upsetting that it transpired at all.

Of course it is true that there are people like this in the world, there will always be people like this in the world no matter what, and with the advent of the Internet it is a lot easier to catch these people in their temper tantrum throwing moments to preserve for all time, but it is not something that should be encouraged or even given attention.

Instead, these actions should serve as a representation of what a person should not do to handle a situation. This person wasn’t just a random adult throwing a temper tantrum either, as you can tell from the report she committed several unlawful acts, which goes to show that she was aggressively unstable way before she even boarded the plane.

We can only imagine as to why she acted this way.