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She’s Back! Jill Stein Makes New Move to Invalidate Trump Election Victory

Just when you’d think the 2016 election nonsense was over, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is back on the scene raising trouble again.

Apparently the post-campaign fundraising queen was not content to accept the results of the election, even after her three futile recount efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were concluded and the Electoral College had already cast its official vote, as she is now calling for further investigation of the election on the federal level, says The Hill.

The team of attorneys Stein gathered to aid in her failed recount bid recently sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch requesting that Lynch launch a federal probe into the integrity of the U.S. electoral system.

“We write to urge the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the integrity of our nation’s election system generally, and our nation’s voting machines specifically, based on the information we discovered in the course of this representation,” read the letter from Stein’s lawyers.

“The attempted recount process has uncovered that voting machines relied on in these states and across the country are prone to human and machine error, especially in under-resourced black and brown communities, and vulnerable to tampering and hacking,” they continued.

“The recount also found that the states’ efforts to protect their systems may be insufficient, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color,” they added. “Each of these grave concerns warrants federal intervention.”

It is worth noting there was no widespread fraud or evidence of vote-tampering uncovered in the recounts, which has been the primary allegations behind the push for the recounts in the first place, says The Washington Times.

Nevertheless the attorneys are now pointing to outdated voting machines and a supposed plethora of uncounted ballots or ballots lacking a vote for a presidential candidate as reason for the feds to step in and conduct a nationwide review of the entire system.

It seems very unlikely that this latest effort by Stein to derail and invalidate the incoming Trump administration will go anywhere.